A Letter from Springfield Resident Ellen Berry

Hello folks,

I am writing to ask you to consider voting in this Thursday's primary election for Melvin Edwards for the State Senate seat for the Hampden district.  Melvin is a friend, neighbor, and my ward's City Councilor. Melvin is also the president of our neighborhood council and of Keep Springfield Beautiful. He cares deeply about our communities and has proven it with his public service. It isn't a facade. Last year, just after the tornado hit our neighborhood, I heard a knock on my door. It was Melvin. He went door to door through the whole neighborhood, checking to see if everybody was alright and if they needed any help. He wasn't campaigning for office then and it wasn't a 'photo op'. That's just the kind of man Melvin is. When the Hampden district was redrawn for this year, Melvin saw an opportunity to serve a larger community as State Senator. He is someone who carefully considers all sides of an issue and doesn't just vote a 'party line'. I strongly endorse his candidacy, and politely ask that you consider supporting him with me.

Here is a link to his campaign's website for more information: http://www.votemelvin.com/

The Hampden district includes all of West Springfield, much of Springfield and parts of Chicopee. Here is a link that explains which wards are included: http://www.votemelvin.com/hampden_district

Even if you are registered as an Independent, you can vote in this primary. It will not change your party affiliation. Simply ask for the Democrat's ballot and vote! 

It's an odd day for an election, but this Thursday, September 6, is the primary election. Mark your calendars!

Thank you,


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Melvin Edwards
Proven Public Servant