Melvin understands the diversity of the new Hampden District. He also understands the importance of the success of the entire district. As a State Senator, Melvin will work for his entire district, and he won't play favorites for anyone.

Melvin knows that the only way for this district to be sucessful is through economic prosperity. Not just for his parts of the district, but for the entire district.

As a State Senator, Melvin will ensure that Western Massachusetts and the Hampden District gets its fair share of money and aid from Boston. And after Melvin brings the money home to the district, he will ensure that it is distributed fairly and strategically. Investments in community projects, infrastructure, small business support, and most importantly jobs will be the legacy of Melvin Edwards in the State Senate. And he is ready to start on Day 1. All it will take is your vote on September 6.

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Melvin Edwards
Proven Public Servant