Former City Council President Jose Tosado, City Councilor Zaida Luna Endorse Melvin Edwards

 SPRINGFIELD – Former Springfield City Council President and Mayoral Candidate Jose Tosado and Ward 1 City Councilor Zaida Luna have endorsed Melvin A. Edwards in the Hampden District race for the State Senate.

"Melvin represents my concerns and the concerns of our community." Said Tosado this week "We need him to carry these concerns to Boston so that our people can get the resources we need to be successful."

"Melvin was a freshman City Councilor when I was President, and he proved himself quickly through his actions. I was proud to be able to place him on committees because I knew the work would get done." Tosado Said.

Ward 1 City Councilor Zaida Luna, who represents the North End of Springfield, said she think it is important for her district to have a Springfield representative, and someone who understands the inner city, not just the suburbs affluent areas of the city.

"Melvin has a good relationship with the people in my district. They know who he is. They know they can come to him. And I know I can come to him. He will be an open and accessible State Senator" said Luna

Tosado and Luna join City Councilors Michael Fenton, James Ferrera, and John A. Lysak as well as the Massachusetts Sierra Club in their endorsement of Melvin Edwards.

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