Melvin Edwards Endorsed by Massachusetts Sierra Club



For Immediate Release
August 3, 2012

Boston – Melvin A. Edwards, candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate Hampden District, was endorsed by the Massachusetts Sierra Club this week.

“We are excited to be supporting Melvin Edwards in the Hampden District race for the State Senate.” Said Phil Sego, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Sierra Club.

“Melvin’s work on behalf of the environment in Springfield has been outstanding, we know that he will carry that work with him to the State Senate, and we look forward to working with him once elected.” Sego continued.

The Sierra Club cited Edwards early and outspoken opposition to the proposed Springfield biomass incinerator by Palmer Renewable Energy as a key reason for the endorsement. The special permit for the incinerator was revoked in 2011 by Edwards and his colleagues on the City Council, halting the project. Recently the projects building permits were also overturned by the Springfield Zoning Board of Appeals. Councilor Edwards was one of the earliest and strongest opponents to biomass incineration in Springfield

“It is evident that Melvin is not afraid to stand up for the environment and the health of his constituents, even when it is not necessarily the popular thing to do.” Said Sego

Sego also pointed to Edwards commitment to green jobs and a green economy as part of the plan to turn around Springfield and stimulate the economy in Western Massachusetts.

“Springfield is the perfect location for a green revolution. The city is just hours away from the major economic hubs of the northeast, and is populated by a potential workforce just waiting to be trained for employment.” Said Sego. “We know Melvin Edwards shares that knowledge, and will be committed to making it a reality once elected to the State Senate.

Edwards expressed great thanks and joy in accepting the endorsement.

“Responsible environmental stewardship has been at the forefront of not just my State Senate campaign, but also my successful campaigns for the City Council” said Edwards “I am excited to accept the endorsement of the Massachusetts Sierra Club. This is proof of my commitment to our environment and our citizens.”

Edwards echoed Segos comments in regards to biomass and the development of green jobs.

“I was proud to stand up against biomass incineration in Springfield. I was one of the first City Councilors to come out against it. It wasn’t popular. But it was the right thing to do. Now that the studies have been done we know that biomass incineration is neither safe, sustainable, nor profitable for the City of Springfield.” Edwards said of his opposition to biomass incineration.

“We need to be investing in truly renewable energy technologies, and by investing in those technologies we will invest in a new, green economy, to put residents of Springfield, West Springfield, and Chicopee back to work.” Edwards continued “Eastern Massachusetts does not have the same land or resources we have in Western Massachusetts. I am going to go to Boston and bring back these green jobs to the district. I am going to put our families back to work, and we are going to practice responsible environmental stewardship while we do it.”


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