Melvin Edwards Recovering at Mary's Meadow, Campaign Continues

HOLYOKE – Springfield City Councilor Melvin A. Edwards is continuing recovery after snapping the tendons in both knees during a charity basketball game with other local and state politicians.

Edwards was moved this week to Mary’s Meadow Rehabilitation Facility in Holyoke to undergo physical therapy and continue his recovery. Last week he underwent surgery at Baystate Medical Center to repair the tendons.

"Councilor Edwards will be spending a few more weeks undergoing physical therapy and after that will be released" said Jesse L. Lederman, Press Secretary for the Melvin Edwards Campaign "In the meantime, we are continuing his campaign." He continued.

Since Edwards injury, the campaign has been continuing to hold meetings and fundraisers and attending events in the Councilors stead. This week the campaign released new endorsements of Edwards and a new position on the growing homelessness crisis in Massachusetts.

"It’s all about keeping the message going. Councilor Edwards may be injured now, but he will be fully recovered in several weeks, and he will be ready to represent the people of the Hampden District." Said Lederman

The campaign has also continued reaching out to voters.

"Our canvassers and phone bankers are working as hard as ever" said Lederman "We are committed to reaching as many voters as possible before election day. This is one of the most important elections happening right now."

The campaign is also experimenting with using skype and other social media platforms to connect Edwards to the campaign during his recovery.

"Melvin continues to operate on facebook and take calls during his recovery, and we are looking at the possibility of using skype to hold town hall meetings." Said Lederman

Edwards praised his campaign team and the staff at Baystate and Mary’s Meadow.

"I have the best campaign team in the world, they’re innovativeness and energy has kept my message alive. I couldn’t be more proud." Said Edwards

"The staff at Baystate did an excellent job taking care of me, and the staff at Mary’s Meadow has been warm and welcoming since my arrival. I thank them for their assistance from the bottom of my heart." Edwards continued.

Edwards expressed optimism regarding his campaign and recovery.

"We are going to win in September, and in January I will march up the steps of the State House to be inaugurated at the new Hampden District State Senator" said Edwards.

Edwards intends to take part in the two scheduled debates next week.

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