Springfield City Councilor John Lysak endorses Melvin Edwards for state senate, changes party affiliation to be able to vote in Sept. 6 democratic primary

SPRINGFIELD -  Ward 8 City Councilor John A. Lysak, the longtime lone Republican on the Springfield City Council, has announced that he is changing his party registration to Unenrolled in an effort to support Melvin A. Edwards in the September 6th Democratic Primary.

While City Council elections in Springfield are non-partisan, Lysak has been a registered Republican his entire voting life and is the former chairman of the Springfield Republican Committee.

“I have become close friends with Melvin working with him on the City Council” said Lysak

“Melvin is one of the strongest and most passionate City Councilors I work with.”

“I am switching my party registration because it is time for Springfield to have a State Senator that actually lives here.” Said Lysak “Melvin is the right person for the job, and I am excited for him to take our concerns to Boston.”

Lysak pointed out that there is no Republican candidate in the race, and the winner of the September 6th primary will go on to run unopposed in the November general election.

“Essentially, the September 6th primary is the election.” Said Lysak.

By changing his party registration to Unenrolled, Lysak will be able to pull a Democratic ballot and vote for Melvin Edwards.

“This is about supporting the right candidate for the right office” said Lysak “Springfield is the heart of this new Hampden District, and the representative from the Hampden District should come from Springfield.”

Edwards praised Lysak as both a colleague and friend in accepting his endorsement.

“John is a dedicated representative of his constituents and I am proud to call him my friend and supporter” said Melvin “His willingness to cross party lines to support my candidacy is a humbling honor, and shows the urgency of the situation in Springfield. We need representation and we need it now.”

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